Custom Wheels For Your Car

Next, we took cutters and snapped off the remaining shredded belt. This isn't recommended. It's better to locate the tension pulley (the pulley that keeps the belt snug on all the other pulley's and pumps), take the pulley ratchet and push it counter clockwise. auto parts store near me now might have to use another tool (i.e. a hollow bar) for added leverage, as sometimes the tension pulley is difficult to budge. Remove the old belt.

The install was pretty easy. Hooked up one vacuum line to the intake so the HHO gas can get into the air stream. The plans say that you can just find a wire that is only hot when the engine is running and use that to power the HHO cell. I don't really like the idea of adding an extra load on to an existing circuit though. I just grabbed a relay from the u part it and used the hot wire that I had found to operate the relay and used power coming straight from the battery through the relay to run the cell itself.

If you have a four wheel drive vehicle, it is a good idea to make sure that your four wheel drive works before winter hits. If it works as it should, it can really help your traction on the snow and ice covered roads. It can also help reduce the risk of getting your vehicle stuck in the snow.

Next, you need to buy a triple inlet model DC input. You can locate them at an auto parts store near me. This will give you the ability to power DC appliances such as your lights, dishwasher, fans,and washing machines.

advance auto parts near me Your car's floor mats are probably filthy, even if you can barely tell. Getting in and out of your vehicle after walking through dirt, mud, or moisture on the pavement can allow grime and debris to collect in them. The problem is that floor mats are often hard to clean. If your mats are looking especially worn, consider buying replacements.

With the truck hoisted up and one wheel off I was now using the screwdrivers to pry the drum off. This is not too hard. You wedge one screwdriver in behind the drum and the backing plate on either side...and pry the thing away..and then off.
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